19 May 2016

"Harapan" yang Sulit Merebut Hati Liverpool dari "Kegagalan"

Ah, The Reds di era modern memang medioker. Anda tak bisa menyamakan tim ini dengan klub-klub top Inggris bahkan eropa lain. Bukan apa-apa, sudah dipimpin Jurgen Klopp saja, Liverpool masih finis di peringkat delapan atau tiga posisi lebih buruk dengan Manchester United yang sedang stres dengan Louis van Gaalnya.

Ah, kami sudah biasa dengan kegagalan dan kekalahan. Peringkat 6-7-8 adalah titah Liverpool laiknya Barcelona yang sulit lepas dari peringkat 1-2 klasemen dalam satu dekade terakhir. Buat apa diambil pusing??

Sudah diangkat menuju langit ketujuh, hampir menjejaki ranah Isra dan Mi'Raj, Liverpool kembali dijatuhkan ke dasar bumi paling dalam. ArchAngel saja matinya karena jatuh dari langit, padahal dia memiliki sayap. Seperti itulah Liverpool, sebuah tim besar yang susah berjaya di arena permainannya sendiri.

Menunggu Liverpool mengangkat piala seperti menanti mantan Anda kembali dan meminta maaf, padahal dia tidak salah, Anda yang salah. Mendekati kata mustahil untuk kembali menjalani hubungan.

Terlepas dari itu, banyak motivator menganggap tak ada yang mustahil di dunia ini, kecuali terbang, menghilang, dan membaca pikiran orang yang hanya bisa dilakukan Meta-Human di cerita-cerita superhero.

Jika "gagal" adalah kekasih Liverpool saat ini, "harapan" selalu mencoba menjadi orang ketiga dan menyingkirkan kegagalan itu. Pada beberapa bulan terakhir, Liverpool lumayan sering bertemu dengan harapan, walau belum bisa melakukan hubungan seks dengan dia.

Kedatangan seorang manajer kelas dunia tak membuat Liverpool langsung bisa lepas dari kekasih yang tak dia cintai ,"gagal". Seperti hubungan pada umumnya, tak mudah melepas seseorang ketika kita sudah tak cinta karena risiko pun banyak. Siapa yang mau melukai hati orang lain?

Liverpool baru saja berlibur dengan harapan hingga hampir mencapai klimaks ketika keduanya berlibur di Basel secara diam-diam. Ketika itu, gagal sedang asyik menikmati peringkat delapan klasemen Premier League dan percaya saja semua kata dari The Reds.

Harapan pun menemani Liverpool sepanjang kiprah di Europa League, tak ayal, kisah-kisah kebahagiaan sempat tercipta, bahkan mengingatkan mereka dengan mantan bernama Istanbul, ya mantan terindah mereka.

Sayang, pada liburan puncak di Basel, dimana Liverpool sudah berencana menyetubuhi harapan dan melepas hubungan dengan kegagalan, diam-diam "gagal" ternyata menguntit dari belakang.

Alhasil, hubungan diam-diam yang ingin diseriusi dengan harapan pun menguap. Liverpool kembali harus menemani kegagalan dan entah kapan keduanya bisa terpisah, karena Tuhan seakan terus mempertemukan mereka.

Harapan tidak hilang, dia sadar memiliki kesempatan untuk mendekati siapapun yang dirasa memang pantas mendapatkannya. Dia sempat berada di kota Leicester selama setahun dan langsung berhasil tanpa pedekate lama-lama.

Namun, terkait Liverpool, harapan mungkin harus berjuang lebih keras lagi, karena kegagalan selalu berada di sekitar mereka.

Klopp tak mungkin bisa sendirian mengangkat tim, harus ada bantuan dari pemain-pemain berkualitas, filosofi yang pas, serta keberuntungan yang beringas agar harapan dan Liverpool bisa menjadi satu serta menghasilkan anak bernama "SUKSES".

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17 April 2016


Hiya, it’s been days since the moonstruck Thursday night at Anfield. It was an ecstatic night indeed, considering there were little – if not zero –people who genuinely thought we didn’t stand any chance to play Dortmund, notwithstanding the fact we had advantage from our first outing and we played at Anfield that day.  Eat a dick humble pie, we won, Liverpool  4 Dortmund 3.
So here i am, trying to help mop the thick dust and remove spiderwebs from our  blog, trying to be relevant again by writing my FIRST ORIGINAL PIECE since whenever fuck in the 2015. The moment’s fitting, we had some crazy moment last Thursday, so why not to make the writing out of that? Not a bad timing at all for the beginning of my semi-comeback, let me start.
I’ve made assessment from that night, five things that you might notice, or that you might don’t – five things that could move your thoughts, or things that only have you yawning there and muttering “Yeah, so?. Expect no tactical-savvy whatsoever though, it’s only a light-weight piece i made, you may take this in disdain or at the very least – just leave it, it’s just waste of characters i put on internet - nothing but a very few of readers beckons, and my best guess is that you’re likely on your toilet – taking a dump – while reading this. Though this provides you a much better reading than ingredients list at the back of your shampoo bottle.
Ehm, without further ado, here are five things you can take from that night vs Dortmund :
    1. Goals down? Chill, We Got This

We’ve been watching much of Klopp’s Liverpool games, haven’t we? How many of them –are  the moment we were goal(s) down- and we came out  to save the day? Say some - Kazan, Chelsea, Saints in League Cup. A draw, a win, a spectacular win, those are only small chunks of them. 
The most iconic one –so far- has to be 5-4 at Norwich, we were two goals down for first 60 minutes and we came out as victors in the end. This one too,  giving away two goals for first 45, showing a sign of life, bounced back, conceded again, before we finally ended them by scoring three more goals and thankfully, no more concedings – final score : Liverpool 4, Dortmund 3.
Klopp has got that right, the “doubters to believers” thing really worked its charm, message delivered.  So, we may now calm the moaning whenever we goal(s) down, cos maybe it won’t be going really, really bad in the end.
Though so far Watford on December has been the exception, but look – expect everyone in Reds is on their good health, we don’t play Martin Skrtel  at defence, and our goalkeeper is not Adam fucking Bogdan – we’ll likely be just fine, cool.
We’ve shown elite mentality, chief.

2.  The James Milner Cases

2.1 He’s Shit at Playing as CM

Well, who would’ve thought?  James Milner is –according to some – a half-decent player who’s very half-decent at playing on his half-decent position that is as a right-sided midfielder.
That day he played at the centre of the park. How awful was it? Those who actually watched the game would get why.
His passing was erratic, his locomotion is bang average, he –at the most times- treated the ball as if he kicked a fucking active grenade. Hardly not CM materials, are they?
It doesn’t need to take an expert view to conclude that he’s not built to play as CM. I, who is on my  early adulthood, and have received an opinion before on why I shouldn’t be giving pundit-like views about football because of my ANIME enthusiasm(seriously i don’t get the correlation to be honest, and i must say @wpdnn won’t be liking this at all) – can conclude that James Milner is never a central midfielder type of a midfield player.
Though I admit, he went gradually better when we brought Joe Allen on – switching to three-man midfield – so there’s a hope that  Jimmy Milly could fare much better as CM if we swing that way. Not in two-man, but in a three-man instead.

2.2 James Milner? More Like Hamez Milrez, Amirite?

Ah, can’t honestly think the better words to start this section. But no kidding, according to stats James Milner is our most creative player by the number of end products he created (goals & assists) : 7 goals 12 assists.
And fact has it that he holds the most number of assists with 9 as for a player from Premier League. One of the most as for players among the top five leagues in 2016. Above him? Of course those football demigods from La Liga.

Just in case you’re going to use stats as agenda to support/against certain player, for Milner’s case – that works like a double-edged sword.

3. Divock Masterclass

Seriously i’d like to always praise this fella, he’s still at his 20 but you can see on how he’s been revelation so far. I remember the”Fuck us, we signed someone wrong again”  feel upon knowing that he was on –according to respectable French football source, L’Equipe- one of the worst players in the 2014/15 Ligue 1 season and he was upfront for that “Worst XI of The Year”.
I don’t think you need me to summarize how he was under Brendan Rodgers, for a man who was once regarded as youngster’s best friend, you might wonder why The Broge didn’t seem interested  at  developing him in the first place – you saw that-day Divock liked to wandering at no man’s land of opposition’s defence, couldn’t even get near the 12-yard box, nothing more but a pace merchant.
But, as an attacking player and is only in your 20, your career isn’t over yet just because you don’t dance past five players and score a rabona flick, setting the new Nostradamus-esque standard to either decide whether someone’s successful enough as a young footballing talent or the probability of success in the future because of someone’s extraordinary on his 20 or less (ps : The 20 year-old Gareth Bale played left-back and fought the position with Assou-Ekotto at Spurs). Lionel Messi is something else. Fuck him for being too good in football, fuck him for being such a dick of a role model for that, seriously.  (Hey, i’d like to credit @Kolology for this)

Young Div slowly proves us why we’ve been wrong of chatting shit about him, safe to say he’s been having the last laugh.  
 He didn’t –of course- dance past defence of Martin Skrtel and left Virgil van Dijk leg-twisted in space of weeks on September to prove the world football that he’s proper masterclass. He only made a mockery out of everyone’s heartthrob of a centre-back – a charming prince in a German-manufactured automobile- Mats Julian Hummels, for like twice – in both fixtures.
Saying he’s GOAT, worldie and other terms that can be considered as eulogisations because of that is a bit too early, though I believe he’s destined for something big in the future (and I don’t mean his muscle-mass nor is the amount of testosterone he spouts every week in every gameday).
Klopp genuinely rates him, you may have heard the story on how he –during his Dortmund days- worked his best to bring him to Westfalenstadion long before the scouting guys from LFC heard of Young Div. But he thought he was too pricey as a teen so he signed Ciro Immobile instead, and the signing of stat-padding Italian contributed to his nightmare penultimate season at BVB and eventually led him to resignation in 2015. Well, blessing in disguise.

It’s nice to see a manager who gives such a huge confidence to a young player, and he doesn’t even need to play that young attacking talent at right-fucking-wingback to prove him what he’s made of. Like Klopp once said, we were going to have loads of fun seeing Young Div plays.

Love Divock, hate bastards.

(Well, I genuinely don’t know this could be an over 1000-word piece, there are still two parts more but I think i’d keep them for its second part. See you later folks!)

Written by : @IndoLiverpoolfc

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20 January 2016

Henderson minta seluruh penggawa Liverpool buktikan diri pada Klopp

Kapten Liverpool Jordon Henderson tahu bahwa mau tidak mau manajer Jurgen Klopp akan mendatangkan pemain anyar di musim panas, oleh karena itu ia meminta pemain yang ada sekarang untuk segera membuktikan diri.

Jordan Henderson beraksi lawan Arsenal
Klopp selama menjabat sebagai manajer The Reds selama tiga bulan sejak bulan Oktober, sudah mengadakan dua pemain baru. Yang pertama adalah Marko Grujic dan bek tengah Steven Caulker.

Henderson paham bahwa dua pemain itu tidak akan jadi yang terakhir buat Liverpool dan Klopp. Apalagi melihat permainan tim Merseyside yang angin-anginan.

"Setiap klub pasti ingin memperkuat skuat mereka. Tugas kami sebagai pemain saat ini adalah membuktikan diri lewat kemenangan dan performa terbaik untuk manajer," jelas Henderson.

"Kami punya skuat yang bagus tetapi kami harus menang. Kami bermain baik tapi tidak mengambil peluang yang ada melawan Manchester United dan kalah. Kami harus membuktikan diri pantas berseragam Liverpool," sambungnya.

Kekalahan dari United memang cukup menyesakkan. Liverpool takluk dari satu-satunya shot on goal lawan dan kini tertinggal delapan poin dari peringkat keempat Tottenham Hotspur.

Akan tetapi, Liverpool justru punya peluang mendapat gelar Piala Liga jika mampu tampil di final dan mengalahkan Stoke City pada leg kedua. Belum lagi kemungkinan menjuarai Europa League dan Piala FA.

"Kami harus memastikan diri bekerja keras hingga akhir dan lihat apa yang akan terjadi kemudian. Kami ingin memenangi trofi apakah itu Piala FA, Piala Liga atau Europa League," tegas Henderson.

"Apapun itu, kami harus memastikan diri memberi segalanya untuk tim. Yang terpenting sekarang adalah fokus ke laga berikutnya dan bermain sebaik mungkin," tandasnya.

Anda bisa bekerja sama dengan kami. Hubungi Indoliverpoolfc1892@gmail.com
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LOAN WATCH: Alberto dan Markovic tampil impresif

Para pemain pinjaman Liverpool sepanjang pekan lalu tampil cukup baik bersama klub sementara mereka. Berikut kami rangkum dari berbagai sumber soal penampilan mereka di klub masing-masing.

Lazar Markovic melanjutkan penampilan impresif di Fenerbache
Lazar Markovic tampil brilian di babak kedua untuk Fenerbache yang tampil di leg kedua Piala Turki melawan Giresunspor. Ia memberi assis brilian kepada Robin van Persie yang mana skor akhir adalah 6-1 untuk kemenangan Fener.

Luis Alberto bermain impresif di laga Copa Del Rey bersama Deportivo La Coruna. Melawan tim Liga Segunda Mirandes, Depor sempat tertinggal dan memasukkan Alberto di babak kedua yang kemudian mampu membalikkan keadaan. Di La Liga, ia kembali tampil impresif melawan Real Sociedad.

Luis Alberto masih angin-anginan, tapi cukup menjanjikan

Di Italia, Mario Balotelli kembali berlaga setelah cukup lama absen karena cedera. Ia tampil di menit ke-87 saat Milan mengalahkan Fiorentina dengan skor 2-0. Di saat yang sama pelatih Milan Sinisa Mihajlovic menyatakan bahwa Balotelli lebih cocok bermain dalam skema dua penyerang.

Mario Balotelli kembali tampil setelah cedera cukup lama
Sementara itu kabar gembira didapat oleh Sergi Canos yang dipercaya untuk bermain di tim Spanyol U19 melawan Italia. Di Brentford, Canos sempat berman buruk saat dikandaskan Burnley akhir pekan ini.

Sergi Canos dipanggil Spanyol U19

Pembelian anyar Liverpool gelandang tengah Marko Grujic tidak bermain bersama Crvena Zvezda karena liga Serbia masih menjalani libur musim dingin.

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Ini alasan Klopp perpanjang kontrak Mignolet

Opini fans Liverpool soal perpanjangan kontrak penjaga gawang Simon Mignolet boleh terbelah, tetapi manajer Jurgen Klopp menyatakan bahwa ia yakin dengna pilihannya.

Simon Mignolet tetap dipercaya Jurgen Klopp meski penampilannya masih inkonsisten

Selang sehari setelah dikalahkan Manchester United, Minggu (17/1), Liverpool mengumumkan perpanjangan kontrak Mignolet yang dipercaya selama lima setengah tahun ke depan.

Padahal sebelumnya Mignolet menjadi sosok pesakitan akibat tiga gol Arsenal yang bersarang di gawang Liverpool, kembali kebobolan atas gol Wayne Rooney pun tidak menolongnya mendatang dukungan fans.

Tetapi Klopp tampaknya punya pandangan yang berbeda. "Sejak saya datang, saya tidak pernah mendengar hal negatif soal Simon. Bagi saya normal bagi seorang kiper terlibat dari proses sebuah gol," kata dia.

BACA JUGA: Simon Mignolet tanda tangani kontrak jangka panjang

"Saya yakin ia sosok sempurna buat kami. Ia pintar dan masih punya waktu untuk berkembang. Kami yakin akan kerjanya di masa mendatang dan itulah mengapa kami memperpanjang kontraknya," jelas sang manajer lebih lanjut.

Entah perkembangan kontrak Mignolet ini merupakan bentuk loyalitas seorang manajer anyar atau Klopp memang melihat ada potensi besar dalam diri pemain asal Belgia. Yang jelas manajer puas dengan kesepakatan ini.

"Dengan ini kami bisa mendapat sukses bersama. Saya sangat puas dengan ia tampil sebagai penjaga gawang kami," tandas manajer 48 tahun tersebut.

Anda bisa menjalin kerja sama dengan kami. Hubungi Indoliverpoolfc1892@gmail.com
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