31 July 2013

Don't Leave Liverpool

Don’t leave Liverpool. This is not a quote from a Liverpool legend. Not a quote from famous and successful manager. It is simply a quote made by some fans for Liverpool players, whom they loved very much, especially strikers like Owen and Torres. Why they shouldn’t leave? I got some analysis of players who left Liverpool, then they individually got their skill decreased. For strikers, it was their amount of goals. I might be wrong anyway, so you can correct me.

1.      Michael Owen
Which Liverpool fans don’t know him? As the youngest player ever to score goal in England national team, he was young when he burst out to Liverpool first team, made himself partnering with the legendary Fowler and become a goal scoring machine. However, his injury (lately he became injury prone) forced him to blame the club, and when Houllier was replaced by Rafael Benitez, he chose to left Liverpool to Real Madrid. Unfortunately, Liverpool won the UCL at the same year while he got nothing in Madrid. He then move to Newcastle and still can get the best of him. In Liverpool, he scored 158 goals from 297 apps, and since he left, he scored 16 goals from 45 apps in Madrid, 30 goals from 79 apps in Newcastle and 17 goals from 52 apps in Man. United.
2.      Xabi Alonso
I don’t know the real reason of his departure to Real Madrid. He can maintain his form in Madrid and can win the league as well as domestic cups. However, his European luck (just in Champions League) is degrading. In Liverpool, he reached 2 UCL finals (2005, 2007) and won it in 2005, 1 semifinal (2008), and 1 quarter final (2009). While in Madrid, he reached 3 semifinals (2011,2012,2013).
3.      Javier Mascherano
A fighter, don’t shy to tackle and eager to win the ball back. His partnership with Alonso or Momo Sissoko is incredible. However, he handed a transfer request to the club since he want to join FC Barcelona. Always the first choice in Liverpool, now he barely got himself playing for Barcelona. Yes he won the league and UCL in 2011 but that is team achievement.
4.      Fernando Torres
Undoubtedly one of the best strikers Liverpool ever have. Scoring 81 goals in 142 apps and become the quickest player to reach 50 goals in Liverpool, only within 84 apps, the second foreign top scorer in one season in BPL (behind Thierry Henry and above van Nistelrooy). However, injury degrading his performance and big money from Chelsea tempted him to move. Since then, he can’t manage to return his form, scoring only 34 goals from his 131 apps with Chelsea.
Recent issue is around Luis Suarez. We knew who he is. The Kop favorite, strong mentally but unfortunately has “bad” behavior, Liverpool 2012/2013 top goal scorer and runner up in the league (behind Persie) recently issued approached by Arsenal, while couple of weeks ago was saying that approached by Real Madrid. He has created the most goalscoring chance within the five biggest league in Europe, being the most creative player. Not to mention his special free-kick skill. However, English media hate him and in the other hand the fans still love him. But I’m sure Liverpool know the best choice to his transfer saga. Then, if he left, will he be the same as those mentioned above? Only God knows


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