25 December 2013

Mission: Being Lions

I almost never lose my cool even when Liverpool got beaten by small teams, at least on my very own Twitter account. I usually put all of my moans on the journals that luckily had been given to me.

Since being a proud supporter when Liverpool in 2008-09 season, when the Reds finished the Premier League at second position at the end of that season, all I know since then were just inconsistency, the star players gone one by one and defeats.

The anomaly came again last time when the Red Merseyside beat the-almost-unbeaten-at-home for Liverpool by a sensational score, Tottenham Hotspur, 5-0. The anomaly just won't stop there, Liverpool are finally at the top of the league. I even can't remember how it feels like to be a supporter of a winning team.

17 wins, maybe that's why I lost my almost all resources to search any bad thing that probably can be found in a win. Normally, there will always something for me, any bad things would not be missed.

Standing applause for Brendan Rodgers who makes the team like this. The team that I always heard for sometime, the team that back in 80s conquered England and Europe. After that win against Spurs, I feel over the moon not only by the score but with how the team won that game as well. It was just very impressive. It feels like Liverpool can beat anyone in the league, the feelings that I haven't felt for like four or five years.

Being at the top of the table is nice, but the league won't stop tonight. There are new challenges, the first one of two big games at the end of the beautiful 2013. Manchester City who beat all the away teams, and then Chelsea who never got beaten at Stamford Bridge under Jose Mourinho.

Let's take one by one. Firstly, Manchester City.

Because I think all of us has known what's bad and good in Liverpool team, then, let's talk about how good the Man City's sides are.

The partner in Every Pos

A friend of mine told me last week that Pellegrini always build a team around duets in every line of his formation.

At the back they got Kompany-Lescott, with two brilliant wing-backs in Kolarov (DR) and Clichy (DL) as their back four.

In midfield there are a partnership between Yaya Toure and Fernandinho. Navas on the right that has a speed of light partnering with Silva or Nasri on the other flank. With Negredo and Dzeko or anyone else, that could step up for Kun Aguero and I bet the player will as dangerous as the Argentinian, up front.

Etihad That Means Goals Galore

How many goals scored in De Gea's net when United were away at Etihad? I know the Devils got beaten there, but there were also 6 in Tottenham's and Arsenal's. Just as you know that, before left Eastland with that result, the Gunners held the best defensive record. And they still got beaten by 6 goals.

But Man City are fragile at the back. I don't care what Luis Suarez produced the other nights, the 200,000 million pounds per week man must produce the same action later. Henderson, Allen, Lucas are all impressive, but before the mighty captain Gerrard make his return they must do anything they can to stop all the goal-scoring midfielders from the Citizen. It's the only way make Gerrard being Carra-ed and they can play week in and out.

8 Wins Out of 8 Matches at Home

After last season when Rodgers can't find the way to beat any top six teams, now he turn everything around, with a good record.

With the likely injured Flanagan will not play, who will replace him? I don't know who but Rodgers knows best, so whether it'll be Johnson on the left, Kelly, Agger, Sakho, or the highly rated young Brad Smith, or even if Rodgers decides to play 3 CBs, it'll be no effect as long as the full point gained at Etihad.


These two matches could probably the game that Liverpool really looking forward to. If a match after got beaten by Southampton they can go back to the winning ways, and Hull, and Arsenal, because the teams that came along the way are not as good as them. A defeat against City will make a Liverpool in bad position because Chelsea are waiting patiently in the corner.

But only if Liverpool can take all the 6 points available, I will start to dream about the English Premier League title. And just that.

Rodgers knows best which they are up against this week, an away game to the cage full of Lions. But Rodgers and all of us knows, to beat Lions at their home, Liverpool need to become Lions once again, just like what they did at White Hart Lane.

Written by: @MahendraSatya

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